An Embodied Approach to Yoga 

My yoga practice, training and teaching approach begins with a strong foundation in basic principles of Hatha and Chakra Yoga and the eightfold path.

Additionally, I bring the practical application of Body-Mind Centering┬« principles to exploring yoga at all levels. 

  • Underlying each asana is an expression of the basic neurological and developmental patterns common to human life.  
  • By more fully embodying these patterns of movement, it is possible to practice asana with greater ease and vitality as well as access deeper states of consciousness and awareness.   

In any given moment, your quality of movement in yoga is a direct expression of your embodiment of the major systems of the body: fluids, bone, fascia, ligaments, muscles, organs, and the neuroendocrine system.  Each system can be brought more fully into conscious awareness with precision and balance, leading to less effort and higher integration.

Body-Mind Centering┬« can be applied to most styles and approaches of yoga.  BMCsm can help you explore deeper levels of awareness and freedom through yoga both on and off the mat.